PROJECT GALA RUSSE in Monaco - a brilliant social event, the brightest event of the cultural season in Monte-Carlo

The language of art is universal and eternal. Being clear and needing no translation, it encourages harmony and creation. The history and cultural heritage of Monaco Principality has been intertwined with the bustling and path-breaking era of the Russian seasons of Serge Dyaguilev, an incomparable phenomenon of the Russian culture at the beginning of the20th century.The GALA RUSSE project takes its turn following Dyaguilev’s heritage to present Russian culture at the Côte d’Azur.

The opening if the GALA RUSSE project in September 2012 with a Gala if Russian ballet stars turned out to be a magnificent social event. The excitement raised by the appearance of famous Russian dancers on stage of Grimaldi Forum has shown yet another time the interest towards Russian culture and the relevance of such events in contemporary Europe.

Eduard Raykin

Shareholder, General Director of National Advertising Alliance. – Saint-Petersburg”

Eduard was born in 1971 in Leningrad. Graduated from the St. Petersburg State Technical University. Doctor of Economics. In media industry since 1993.

He worked as the director of advertizing agency of Chance Publishing house, the CEO of  “Europe Plus”. Now he works as General Director of National Advertising Alliance — St. Petersburg.

Maxim Shubarev

Shareholder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Setl Group” Holding

Maxim was born in 1968 in Leningrad. Graduated from the St. Petersburg Polytechnical University. Since 1994 he devoted himself to development of business — the St. Petersburg Real Estate company – after Setl Group holding (in 2014 the largest real estate development companies of Russia).

Heading large city-forming business, Maxim Shubarev always paid much attention to support of social and cultural projects in Russia and abroad.

Maxim Shubarev’s interest in a subject of advance of the Russian art in world culture caused the birth in 2012 of the GALA RUSSE project. From this point annually with assistance of “Setl Group” a concert of GALA RUSSE takes place in Grimaldi Forum Monaco.

Nadejda Shubareva

Principal of Project

Nadejda was born in Saint-Petersburg – a city known for its cultural traditions. She graduated in piano at the music school, so her love of music and art originated in her childhood. She graduated with honors in sociology at the State Marine Technical University of Saint-Petersburg; later, she defended her thesis at the State University of Saint-Petersburg, School of Psychology, majoring the organizational psychology.

She worked as a project manager for a construction company. Becoming the project manager of GALA RUSSE, Nadejda got the opportunity to deal with business she dreamt of: the organization of Russian ballet and opera galas. Mother of two sons, she was able to involve her children, deferring to their opinions.

“Saint-Petersburg is often called the ‘open air museum’. And we, its citizens, are pride of our city and have the irresistible desire to share its cultural heritage.”