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PRO et CONTRA is the result of the choreographer’s years-long contemplation of the great composer’s personality and creative world. For this new creation, the Boris Eifman ballet’s company of Saint-Petersburg has been awarded by the special prize of the Golden Soffit expert committee

“Having been turning to Tchaikovsky’s music for many years, I realized how deep and bottomless the composer’s world was. I came to understanding of a variety of themes related to his creative life, his psychic identity and relationships with loved ones. All this was not sufficiently studied by me earlier. I wanted to create a work, in which I could delve deeper into the environment of Tchaikovsky’s creative torment,” Eifman resumes.

The choreographic narration of the new production, harmonious with the composer’s music in an emotionally-dramaturgical term, shows variety and accurately conveys emotional experience of the characters.

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