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Anna Karenina” ballet by Boris Eifman

Artists has literally conquered the audience. Spectators did not let the artists after the show – applause did not cease.

Choreographer embodies a novel by Leo Tolstoy in the dance to the music of Tchaikovsky almost 10 years ago, but, like all productions of Boris Eifman, since performance is changing and almost lives its own life, though obedient to the will of its creator.

“Eifman has brilliantly distilled the visceral and psychic emotions of love, rejection, loss, passion, guilt, torment, and self-destruction. Anna Karenina, the novel, the play, the novel as ballet, and the novel as inspiration for contemporary theatre, is a love triangle: wife (Anna), husband (Karenin), and wife’s lover (Vronsky). In Eifman’s usual grand scale, no emotions minimized onstage, Anna Karenina as ballet is a masterpiece, a creation that magnetizes the audience through its two angst-filled acts.”
Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower. May 24, 2005

“Anna Karenina is among Eifman’s greatest works. The new ballet is relentless in its energy and merciless in its emotional impact.”
Robert Johnson, Star-Ledger. May 26, 2005

“As the curtain came down on Boris Eifman’s evening long Anna Karenina the audience rose to its feet and cheered. It was impossible to be surprised. Large numbers of the audience were not just visually pleased by the ballet, although they were that and had a right to be: the costumes were sumptuous, the sets were grand, the dancers were gorgeous.”
Ann Murphy, New York. June 18, 2005

“This production exerts a relentless grip […] The production leaves one applauding the Eifman company for its passionate integrity, and Eifman himself for a gift for showmanship.”
Laura Thompson, The Telegraph. April 4, 2012

“Eifman’s style is big, bold and spectacular, with lots of wide-legged lifts […] and a dramatic dance vocabulary […] This is dance drama designed for maximum effect.”
Neil Norman, Daily Express. April 4, 2012

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